First Blog Post

Hi everyone! My name is Cadence and I absolutely love to read. I would read a book over watching TV any day (Hence the name “Already Booked”, implying that my plans usually just include reading). I think reading is more beneficial than TV, movies, or video games. Why? Because you get more out of the story in books. The endless descriptions and characterization is something you cannot achieve through videos. The stories can touch your heart. The characters can inspire you as you listen to their thoughts. So I am here to spread the beauty of books with as many people as I can.Book16

So what exactly do I plan to do with this blog? Well, review new books I read (without any spoilers), offer my personal opinions about the books, and divulge the life lesson present. I also plan on spending lots of time writing about ships because the love between two characters requires a lot attention and fangirling! In addition, I would like to have posts giving a reflection about life, through my life experiences as well as other everyday people’s lives. These topics will range from gender inequality to Mount Everest. Most importantly, I hope to write many long, passionate blogs about my favorite books and characters (these will contain spoilers).

A little bit about me…I play soccer and swim, I have a really cute dog, I love being outside and hiking, I drink lots of tea and coffee, I have a very personal journal that I write in everyday, I need to get a new bookshelf, My favorite book series is Harry Potter, My idol is Emma Watson, My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, I can speak like two words of Spanish, I want to be a neurosurgeon, I love watermelon, and I love photography.

So follow me on instagram @already.booked!!! I swear I’m pretty cool and I am currently getting a bunch of awesome book pictures to post! I will always let you know when a new blog is posted and feel free to comment and ask me questions.